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    Laiwu Everflying Plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd is a pace-setting technologically advanced enterprise that devoted to the R&D and businesses of plastic machines.At the same time,our company also is the national key high-tech enterprise and China water-saving irrigation association equipment R&D central enterprise.The company always taking “People oriented,Honest operation” as tenet;draws support form quality to occupy the market;extends market by developing products;and draws support from management to gain benefit and growth.

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How to deal with the problem of film folding?

The reasons of film folding:
1. The thickness of film is not even
2. Cooling effect is poorly, bubble not Very Stable and flickered,easy to produce folding
3. The blow-up ratio is too large, the bubble is not Very stable,rock back and forth,so it’s easy to produce folding
4. Angle of collapsing frame is too large, membrane bubble get squashed in short distance, so the film folding;
5. The pressure on both sides of the traction roller is uneven, one higher than the other;
6. Between the guide roller's axis is not parallel, influence the stability and peace malleable of the film , so appear buckling.
1.Adjust the thickness of the film, to keep thickness is even;
2. To improve the effect of cooling, so the film can be fully cooled;
3.Decrease the blow-up ratio;
4.Appropriate reduce the angle of collapsing frame.
5.Adjust the traction roller pressure, to ensure the film force is uniform;
6.Check the axis of guide shaft, and parallel to each other.

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