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    Laiwu Everflying Plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd is a pace-setting technologically advanced enterprise that devoted to the R&D and businesses of plastic machines.At the same time,our company also is the national key high-tech enterprise and China water-saving irrigation association equipment R&D central enterprise.The company always taking “People oriented,Honest operation” as tenet;draws support form quality to occupy the market;extends market by developing products;and draws support from management to gain benefit and growth.

Film blowing machine category

    Blow molding machine can be divided into three kinds: extrusion blow molding machine, injection blow molding machine and special structure blow molding machine . Stretch blow molding machine can be attributable to in each of categories. It is made up with extruder and die head, blowing device, clamping unit, parison thickness control system and drive unit. Parison die head is one of the important components in determining the quality of blow molding products, it usually includes the side feeding type die head and central feed type die head. It often uses material storage cylinder type parison die head when blowing the massive article . The minimum volume of the material storage tank is 1 kg, up to 240 kg. Parison thickness control device is used to control the wall thickness of parison, the control points up to 128 points, generally 20 ~ 30 points. The volume range of the extrusion blow molding machine is 2.5 ml to 104 l of hollow products.
     Injection blow molding machine is a combination injection molding machine and blow molding unit, including plasticizing unit, hydraulic system, control electric appliance and other mechanical parts. The common types are three-station injection blow molding machine and four-station injection blow molding machine . Three-station machine includes prefabricated parison, huff and demould, 120 ? apart each work station. The four-station injection blow molding machine have preforming stations, 90 ? apart each work station. In addition, there are double-station injection blow molding machine that sensors' 180 ? apart each work station. Plastic container size precision injection that produced by blow molding machine production, without secondary processing, but cost of the mold is higher.
    Special structure blow molding machine is made of sheet, molten material and cold billet.It is a kind of film blowing machine with special shape and purpose . Due to the different shape and demand of the of products ,the structure of the blow molding machine is different too.

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