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    Laiwu Everflying Plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd is a pace-setting technologically advanced enterprise that devoted to the R&D and businesses of plastic machines.At the same time,our company also is the national key high-tech enterprise and China water-saving irrigation association equipment R&D central enterprise.The company always taking “People oriented,Honest operation” as tenet;draws support form quality to occupy the market;extends market by developing products;and draws support from management to gain benefit and growth.

The research progress of PVC foaming material technology

    As early as 1940 s, the PVC foam has been developed successfully and widely used in Europe. With the diversity and high standardization of market demand , the formulation and technology of the PVC foam  has been changing with each passing day. And it has been continually improved and optimized. The development of high-performance PVC foaming materials has become the hot issue of international and domestic academics in recent years.
    Vaikhanski L studied the research of aramid fibers reinforced R - PVC foaming material . To take advantage of PVC granules and using modification of aramid fiber by collective osmotic shock,solved the problem of dispersion and the worst compatibility during the forming process . The result of the  test indicates that compared with the R - PVC foaming material,  the tensile strength and tensile modulus of this kind of foam composite material raised 6 times and 8 times respectively.And the shear strength and shear modulus also increased 1.8 times and 2.4 times; Compared with the cross-linked R - PVC foaming material, the impact strength, the fatigue strength and tear strength of the material have increased a lot.
    Dey S K, etc the research of the physical foaming agent injected into the extrusion machine cavities,they made the R - PVC foaming profiles by extrusion molding process technology. By this way,they also has solved defects on extrusion of PVC foam by using chemical foamer.Such as the impact of the organic foaming breaking down waste on equipment, mould and product. Because with the organic foaming will take place in the agent facrylic can influence the stability of the foam, at the same time,it also can greatly reduce the cost.
     Sharma V K, etc used electron beam as irradiation bomb to irradiate cross-linked of PVC . And then analyzed the effect of the TMPTA, TEGDA and TEGDM sensitizer on the thermal stability and curing

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