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    Laiwu Everflying Plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd is a pace-setting technologically advanced enterprise that devoted to the R&D and businesses of plastic machines.At the same time,our company also is the national key high-tech enterprise and China water-saving irrigation association equipment R&D central enterprise.The company always taking “People oriented,Honest operation” as tenet;draws support form quality to occupy the market;extends market by developing products;and draws support from management to gain benefit and growth.

Status of research and development about PVC plastic rare earth composite stabilizer were analysized here

     Study on rare earth compound be used as head stabilizers began 1980's . It have the features as follows: thermal stability is better than barium soap, ,cadmium soap and their mixture, weather resistance  improved significantly, transparent, not contaminated by sulfide, non-toxic ect [1 ~ 3] China is the most rare earth resource-rich country in the world. To make full use of China's rare earth resources. So it has great practical meaning to develop the PVC heat stabilizer which is suitable for our country .We  through synthetic a series of rare earth organic compounds to find  a kind of stabilizer with goog synergistic effect
1. The experiment was prepared by the rare earth stearates, monolaurate acid rare earth ,double lauric acid rare earth, citric acid and malic acid rare earth, and compared with their physical and chemical properties are measured.
2.The experiment also determined the thermal stability of different kinds of rare earth, and with the calcium stearate and organotin TM – 181.Worked out the order of their thermal stability as follows: organic tin > citric acid rare earth > malic acid rare earth > rare earth stearates > double lauric acid rare > monolaurate acid rare earth > naphthenic acid rare earth.
3. Phosphite ester - rare earth - zinc composite system has a good synergistic effect. Through analyzing the orthogonal test they found that the order of the influence factorsas follows: phosphite ester >  naphthenic acid rare earth > epoxidized soybean oil.The influence factors order of the  rare-earth stabilizer will be in advanced with time.The dosage of the rare earth - zinc composite system is rare earth: zinc = 5:1.

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